Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Random thoughts:

1. Mike Goldman is so much better than Kyle Sandilands.

2. One of hubby's friends slept with a stripper last weekend. I am
really, really, really disappointed in him! He's someone I rated as a
pretty good person and doing that was so out of character and gross.
And she wasn't even an intelligent stripper - full of life experience,
wrong decisions and pathos. She was just a bimbette with fake nails
and bleached hair.

3. Australia Post at Macquarie shopping centre has the worst customer
service in the known universe.

4. We get really annoyed that our election campaigns go on and on for
six weeks. We complain about the waste of money and the relentless
advertising and campaigning - yet what the hell is going on in the
US?! It's completely, utterly insane.

5. A work colleague announced to me this morning that he had a dream
about me last night. He started to tell me about it, then said "why am
I even telling you this?" and walked away. Note to everyone - do not
say things like that to colleagues! Everyone dreams about people at
work, but it is never appropriate to tell them!

6. Therese Rein is cool. People should stop criticising her dress
sense and perceived frumpiness. Prime Minister's wife, she may be.
Carla Bruni, she is not. She's better than that.

7. I still find the China earthquake tragedy really, really sad.
Whatever you think of the government there, it's an amazing country
with great people.

8. Second season of Skins < First season of Skins. Unfortunately.

9. I had four hours of dress rehearsal yesterday for Sunday's symphony
choir concert. Most people get pop songs stuck in their head. I have
the voice of the bass who stands next to me, singing in German. Just
this one line by Brahms. Gaah!

10. Why are babies so cute, yet young children so annoying? Is it just
the pathetic parenting these days with people so keen for their kids
to like them that they can't control them at all? I do want to have
kids, and soon, but it's scary and cringeworthy to do so knowing that
they will be surrounded by so many "special" little horrors.


Mr. Guinness said...

Greeting from election land (formerly the US of A) We are all completely sick of it, it's been going on for over a year and as it boils down to where it is the overiding conclusion is universal,..."we're screwed again!"
Our media is so vicious that any decent potential candidate won't run because some hidden faux pas will be turned into a situation like Hubby's friend and the stripper. (and that will come back to haunt him in future years!)
Good luck on the Concert!

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr. Guinness summed it up nicely when he said, "we're screwed again!" I don't really know what we'll do if someone doesn't step in and at least TRY to help our economy soon. It's as if milk and gas are in a competition to see whose price can increase the most before the end of summer. I know who I'm voting for, but I really don't think our economy is going to improve that much.

Kira said...

For the record, it's often poor parenting. Don't worry. You and hubby will make fabulous babies who will turn into fabulous toddlers and fabulous children. Believe me, with a 10 yr old and a 7 yr old who have ALWAYS been welcome wherever they went, every year of their life, it doesn't have to be just a fact of having kids. Yes, Ariana and Jared have moments that make me want to pull my hair out, but they are few and far between. I can take them to a fancy restaurant and nobody notices. I can take them on international plane flights and have the entire plane applaud how great my children are (no, I'm not exaggerating--that happened once when they were both little and it cracked me up! This one woman said, my god, for 9 hrs they were great...and many people agreed as we were getting ready to debark...and then suddenly the whole cabin applauded...LOL). Children largely model what they see. That's scary and reassuring at the same time. When my daughter came up to me today and asked me to pull her hair back JUST like I pulled my hair back to cook because she wanted to be "just like me," the weight of the responsibility was heavy yet comforting. I think you don't need to worry about how YOUR children turn out based on the others you've seen. Trust me.

Laurita said...

Re: #2 it's biology - men are programed to spread the seed.

Re #10 it's biology - nature plays all sorts of terrible tricks on you to get you to have kids.