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Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I might start writing again.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


The week-long World Youth Day celebrations were so fantastic.

I'm so happy to have the chance to have experienced it - it really was
one of the most unique cultural crowd celebration that I've ever taken
part in. We camped out under the stars at Randwick on Saturday night,
along with around 300,000 others. It was cold but happy and the people
we met were just lovely. It was so inspirational to meet other young
people from all around the world. On Sunday morning, I couldn't
believe that I ran into a good friend of mine, amongst the 400,000
people gathered for the final Mass. The Pope was just lovely and his
words were very thoughtful.

I think it's really cool to have been part of such a huge Mass. It was
so beautifully done. And even as it changed languages (including
Vietnamese, Italian, Sudanese, Latin and English) and music styles
(including Gregorian, four-part vocal, contemporary, Gospel and
Polynesian) thoughout, the thought struck me that anywhere in the
world, the Catholic Mass remains the same. It's universal, but with
local flavour. That's so cool.

What a great experience. So very joyful. It's sad that it's over.

Dear reader, I have to say that my blogging has been rather limited
lately. Actually, it's been that way for the last two years. I simply
feel a lot more settled and at peace these days (despite the ongoing
drama in the background of my life!) and don't feel the need to have a
ranting-board right now.
Please know that I do still read all the blogs on my blogroll, even if
I don't always comment.

This is not a final goodbye from me - I am a bit more interactive on
Facebook these days and I'd love to add you as a friend.
Please email me at jezzygirl[at]gmail.com to get my name.


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

World Youth Day and Hubby's Birthday

1. World Youth Day is really an amazing event. It's wonderful to see
so much joy in this city.

For the first time that I can remember, there is real and widespread
discussion about religion in this country, ranging from some very
narrow-minded whinging, to some very considered discussion. It's
important that this occurs in such a secular country because faith
shouldn't be something that we're bullied into keeping private simply
because some atheists are so vocal about hatred of any religion and,
especially so willing to bash Christianity. Believe me, when your Dad
is atheist (I would hate to be that bitter and cynical about
everything) and your Mum can be a bit of an over-the-top
fundamentalist traditionalist (I would hate to not be able to relax!)
you spend a lot of time thinking about what you believe and why.

Almost a quarter of this country is Catholic and the majority of
Australians are Christian. The majority of Australians do have a
religion. The majority of people in this country do have faith and do
believe in God. But it's so hidden, something we might think about in
our heads - and leave it at that.

At the moment, seeing people from all around the world converge in
this city, in an event of this magnitude, I'm proud of being a
Catholic. I'm proud of the link, and the participation, with our
Christian brothers and sister and our Jewish and Muslim cousins -
because we're here to celebrate our faith in the same God. I'm proud
to see people come together in the name of love and the messages of
Christ, and it all makes the whingers seem so petty - as if they just
don't get it.
Well, they don't get it.
But that's okay too.

It's true that having a faith is not necessary to make someone a "good
person". It's true that people have done nasty things in the past in
the name of religion. But all that doesn't discount the role of
religion and faith - something that permeates through every society,
every culture, every age. Those who have felt it, know it's there
because they have felt it. They know that they are loved. We are never
alone - and there is great comfort in knowing that.

Somehow that knowledge takes that bitterness and puts into perspective
all the pettiness.
We're part of something much bigger and greater than all of that.

2. Hubby turns 30 today.
Today also marks 10 years since we first got together. Hubby is my
sweetness and light and I have so much admiration for him. I have seen
him become this strong, loving, kind and gentle man and I'm so proud
of everything he has done and the person he has become. He's such a
wonderful angel and I'm so very lucky to have him.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Thanks for the b'day messages everyone.

I had such a great birthday weekend, going to the Opera House to see
the magnificent "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" on Sat night
(what a fantastic play!), and then driving down to Berrima (gorgeous,
old-style town near W'gong) on Sunday. We finally ordered a new
nameplate for our house and had lunch at the state's oldest
continually-licensed pub. Dinner was back at my parent's house and Mum
made her yummiest almond, orange and semolina cake yet.

Hubby turns 30 in two weeks and I have no idea what to organise. It
falls at the start of World Youth Day celebrations and we'll be
hosting two pilgrims at our house for the week. Perhaps I'll organise
something for the weekend beforehand. (I can't believe he's turning
30! He's still the same sweet, young 20 year old to me. Hasn't aged
one bit.)

You know, the last two times I've been to the toilet at work today,
the person in the cubicle next to me sounded like they'd turned on a
hose to full blast! It was LOUD!
How do people cope when they piss like they're about to explode? I
wonder if it was the same person both times. Maybe they have an
extra-wide urethra with extra-big bladder? (New Extra-Large Bladder!!
Now with 50% more volume! For all those times when you need to sound
like a horse taking a piss. Out Now!)

Monday, 23 June 2008

Shameless Birthday Plug

Yesterday, I turned 29.

There's lots I could say about being 29.
But I won't.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Random thoughts:

1. Mike Goldman is so much better than Kyle Sandilands.

2. One of hubby's friends slept with a stripper last weekend. I am
really, really, really disappointed in him! He's someone I rated as a
pretty good person and doing that was so out of character and gross.
And she wasn't even an intelligent stripper - full of life experience,
wrong decisions and pathos. She was just a bimbette with fake nails
and bleached hair.

3. Australia Post at Macquarie shopping centre has the worst customer
service in the known universe.

4. We get really annoyed that our election campaigns go on and on for
six weeks. We complain about the waste of money and the relentless
advertising and campaigning - yet what the hell is going on in the
US?! It's completely, utterly insane.

5. A work colleague announced to me this morning that he had a dream
about me last night. He started to tell me about it, then said "why am
I even telling you this?" and walked away. Note to everyone - do not
say things like that to colleagues! Everyone dreams about people at
work, but it is never appropriate to tell them!

6. Therese Rein is cool. People should stop criticising her dress
sense and perceived frumpiness. Prime Minister's wife, she may be.
Carla Bruni, she is not. She's better than that.

7. I still find the China earthquake tragedy really, really sad.
Whatever you think of the government there, it's an amazing country
with great people.

8. Second season of Skins < First season of Skins. Unfortunately.

9. I had four hours of dress rehearsal yesterday for Sunday's symphony
choir concert. Most people get pop songs stuck in their head. I have
the voice of the bass who stands next to me, singing in German. Just
this one line by Brahms. Gaah!

10. Why are babies so cute, yet young children so annoying? Is it just
the pathetic parenting these days with people so keen for their kids
to like them that they can't control them at all? I do want to have
kids, and soon, but it's scary and cringeworthy to do so knowing that
they will be surrounded by so many "special" little horrors.

Saturday, 24 May 2008


So yesterday our company started the Gl0bal C0rporate Challenge.

For those who don't know, it's like a virtual Amazing Race thing where
office workers all wear pedometers and work in teams of 7, logging in
steps everyday. The aim is to make the average office worker (who
tends to do around 6000 steps per day) more active by aiming for 10000

I was pleased, clocking at over 11000 yesterday. This is much more
than I'd managed to achieve on my own. My previous attempts at using a
pedometer put me at around 8000 per day.

I think the competitive thing appeals to me!

Anyway, it's 2pm today and I'm already at 10837. My aim is to get
closer to 15000 because that seems achievable and would burn around
2500kJ per day and hopefully help me lose a bit of weight. I'm aching
to gain back my 24 year old body!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Two things annoying me at the moment:

1. Gen Y's inability to commit to anything.

Case in point.
Last Tuesday night, we had a last minute invitation to dinner from one
of Hubby's friends.
I was asked to invite one of my younger cousins along (since he has a
crush on her!)
My cousin in 23.
This is how it panned out.

5pm. Jezzy calls Cousin.

Jezzy: Hi sweetie! What are you up to tonight?
Cousin: Nuthin much. What's up with you two?
Jezzy: [Hubby's friend] has invited us around for dinner. He says he
wants you to meet his younger sister while she's visiting from London.
Wanna come? We can pick you up at seven. What say you?
Cousin: Where you are going? I don't really want a big night because
of work tomorrow.
Jezzy: Sames. It won't be a biggie.
Cousin: Okay. That sounds good. I'll let you know later what I'm up
to. Okay, bye.
Jezzy: ???

6pm. Cousin calls Jezzy.

Cousin: So what time are you leaving?
Jezzy: We just got home. We'll leave at 7pm, proll. So will be at your
house just past then.
Cousin: Okay, I should be good. Will let you know.
Jezzy: ????

6.30pm. Cousin calls Jezzy.

Cousin: Hey Jez, I don't think I'll make it tonight. I'm really tired.
Say soz for me.
Jezzy: Yeah, don't worry about it.
Cousin: Yeah, maybe I'll see you tomorrow night. I'll let you know
what I'm up to.
Jezzy: ?????

I seriously don't get it.
All I want is a yes or no. Why is this so hard?!

Is it because they've never known what it's like to arrange their
social life without a mobile phone?

2. Splitting the restaurant bill unfairly.

Now I usually don't mind splitting the bill in half when I go out with
a friend, but I have one friend who is a repeat offender for blatantly
profiting off others. She eats heaps and then says "so we'll split
it?" and I can't say no or I'll look like a tight arse.

Case in point:

What Jezzy ordered: Homemade spinach and fetta ravioli with napolitana
sauce - small size. Small serve of french beans. Mineral water.
What friend ordered: Garlic bread. 300g steak with chips, serve of
vegetables. Gelato. Lemon squash.

Jezzy's bill: $18.
Friend's bill: $38.

Amount each person paid: $30

I know she's a lawyer and therefore probably has switched off the
trigger that says "Alert, alert, you are ripping someone off!!" but
still, isn't this unfair? I just ate some really expensive pasta and
she got a discount off her meal.
If it happened once, fine. But this is all the time - she always does this.
What to do?